Late Killbear Camp Adventure ?

Well we got out again this weekend to enjoy what was an amazing weekend for weather. Highs of 26C° and perfect sleeping conditions. We needed the sleep Saturday night to as we managed to do a 20 Km hike, around Lookout Point trail and down to the light house trail on the Recreational trail. Started walking around 9 or 10 am ( not sure no watch to worry about) and didn’t arrive back to the campsite till around 4pm.
The one thing I found was the people around us were not friendly no hellos, no good mornings, had a bunch when we arrived late Friday night try to go around us in the parking lot on the side where I was turning into park. The next day when we went for firewood, I held the door for a lady into the main office and she proceeded to head straight for the counter to make sure she was first and then proceed to be almost 30 min reserving for a future trip which included her having to walk back to her car for her wallet ? During which a nother guy tried butting ahead by asking a question and it was easy to tell he was trying to move forward ahead so he could hurry up and enjoy his time off ? When the park clerk asked who was next he started forward to see if he could cut in front, but that wasn’t going to happen. The park was good, but I’m sorry I do much prefer being back country and alittle more isolated on a canoe trip rather than in a Park with a pile of others right beside you. Canoe trips are alot more work, but the benefits are alot more rewarding. We enjoyed ourselves and were together which is still priceless.

Thank you Sheri Trent and Nelisa Trent for a great weekend Love you very much.

Forgot to mention, we wanted to visit Algonquin, but I’m glad we weren’t anywhere close to it after seeing the pictures of lined up cars trying to get in to see the fall colours.


Noganosh Lake Canoe Trip



Well it’s that time of the year again where I Like Calvin’s Dad take my family out into the wilderness to experience Nature Together.


Over the summer we’ve been piecing together new gear and things that will better this years trip and Sheri has decided to join us this time and both Nelisa and I are very excited about this. Sheri hasn’t been on a trip with me since before we were married and I’ll tell you why. We decided to take the old 100 lb family canoe for a paddle up on Six Mile Lake, we started late and found an island to sleep on which was private property. Now it was getting late and we had to stop for the night, so this is where I chose. It wasn’t the trip, but being on that island bothered her even though it was only for a sleep.

This time we will be in the Noganosh Park interior and there are lots of spots to choose from which should help put my beautiful wife at ease.

see google map for park location:,-80.229604,23465m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-US

The new gear consists of ALOT ! from a new SLOG MEC canoe pack, to a firebox stove, MSR reactor stove, Thermarest Sleep pads, bear spray, 17′ Red canoe Kevlar and brand new from the manufacturer Hamilton Beach Marina, only weighs 54 lbs with the extra 3rd seat. A new Marmot Halo 4 tent which was a Birthday present for me, Eureka VCS13 fly tarp, Garmin Etrek20 GPS handheld, heat diffuser for the firebox stove, water skin from MSR 10 Ltr, Snowpeak Lantern which is a cool battery operated light.

Here are the Pictures from successful 2104 Family Canoe trip

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