Still not a new brew so far

Well between me and my wife’s Honey To Do List and the pool deck falling ontop of me twice while I was trying to raise and support it better, I never got to brew any beer since the last brew session entry. I did how ever take heed on a post from CBH and create a Apple Cider with only using US-04 yeast safeale04
and no Sugar additions to see how it turns out. The yeast is recommended by a post in HBT from CvilleKevin who used just about all and any yeast/configuration to create 80 1gal batches of cider and reported his findings. Should only take 3 or 4 days to ferment out then we’ll transfer to secondary for clearing time Cheers.

Oh and another batch of Concord Grape Wine, but except for the cleaning and sanatization these things are very quick and simple to put together.