May 20ths California Common brew day

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Well It was a California Common Brew weekend which went off pretty excellent.

As usual the mashtun even though I heated my strike water to 170° and not the 165° bs called for it still dropped down to 148°. Boiled 4ltr of water to add at 60 min to bring the temp up. Starting to wonder if the thermometer in the mashtun is correct.

Mash 30 min at 148°
mash Boiling water added at 60min brought temps to 154°Mashed for 90 as always

came in at 12.2 brix for OG =1.049 so close, but didn’t boil off as much as I normally would, trying to get a slow boil technic down

I used the New Polaris Hop now available instead of the Northern Brewer hops and am excited on how they work in this recipe. Well see on July 13th as I’m hoping to have it ready by then for a Pool Party CHEERS!!!